Ezra Campanelli

Ezra is a birder from Hamilton and has been passionate about birds since childhood. As he says: “Birds never cease to fascinate me with every new thing I learn about them, and I am always astounded by their beauty. Birding has taken me all across the continent and is a massively fulfilling pass-time that I hope will continue to grow. I volunteered as a photographer and bander at the Haldimand Bird Observatory’s banding station at Ruthven Park for many years. In the summer of 2021, I worked doing field and remote surveys for a consulting company. I am a primary atlasser for the third Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas. In 2022, I am doing an Ontario Big Year where I’ll be shooting for the record of 347 species. I am thrilled to be co-leading this day of birding for the festival with my friend Kiah. Extreme birding ventures like the big-day-style outing we’ll be taking you on are very much in line with the type of birding I love to do.: 

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