Stéphane Menu


Stéphane Menu graduated from Laval University, in Quebec City, in 1998 with a Ph.D., studying the population dynamics of Greater Snow Geese. He started working for Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory at the Cabot Head Research Station in 2003 and has almost never left (except for a three-year hiatus from 2012 to 2014). His main interest has always been birds and, more specifically, bird migration. That’s why he has volunteered and worked at several other Bird Observatories, notably Observatoire d’Oiseaux de Tadoussac (in 1998 and 1999), Long Point Bird Observatory (in 1997 and 2001), Delta Marsh Bird Observatory (Manitoba, 2002), and Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (in 2013).

He also feels the strong lure of the North. Besides his doctoral studies on Bylot Island (in Nunavut), he has answered the call of the North by, notably, atlassing in Northern Ontario (summers of 2003 & 2004) and Northern Saskatchewan (summer 2019), working at the James Bay Shorebird Project (summers of 2014&2015), banding Canada Geese in Northern Québec with Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS - summer of 1999), and, being part of the long-term ecosystem monitoring at Karrak Lake Research Station, just north of the Arctic Circle, with Environment Canada (summer of 2006, and every summer since 2016 - except in 2020 because of Covid19).

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